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    Creating orginal theatre.

  • Truth Will Out

    Brighton Fringe 2019


    Troubadour Theatre was founded in 2018. The Company creates theatre from original writing and creates performing opportunities for emerging talent. Our debut production, Truth Will Out, was written and directed by Lin Robinson and was performed at the Purple Playhouse in Brighton as part of the Brighton Fringe 2019.

    Right: Georgina-Rose Robinson as Emma and Ashley Laura as Chloe.

    Above: Harry Rippon as Ash and Jack Hyland as Jack.

    Photos: Beth Robinson

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    Mala Sororibus - new writing by Lin Robinson.



    by Lin Robinson


    We are looking forward to returning to the theatre with this new, black comedy at the Brighton Fringe 2022.

    The Rotunda Theatre

    19th, 21st and 22nd May 2022

  • Productions

    Mala Sororibus

    Written by Lin Robinson

    The Rotunda Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2022

    May 19th, 21st and 22nd May 2022




    August -October 2020 on line


    Jack Hyland

    Jessica Anne Starck

    Lewis Miles

    Atasha Goodenough

    Ashley Laura

    Susannah May

    Lin Robinson

    Jessica Porter

    Lena Richardson

    Neil Burgess

    Paul Andrew Goldsmith

    Anna Sharpe-Jones

    Dire Straits

    by Lin Robinson.

    Directed by Amelia Pearce.

    Worldwide Virtual Fringe Festival - Thornhill Theatre Space

    August 17th 2020


    Christopher Buckley

    Lanna Joffrey

    Freya Sharp

    Pippa Winslow

    Beneath the Boathouse

    by Lin Robinson

    Worthing Theatre Trail 2019


    Georgina-Rose Robinson

    Lauren Whedbee

    Ashley Laura

    Lin Robinson

    Truth Will Out

    Written and directed by Lin Robinson

    The Purple Playhouse, Brighton Fringe 2019


    Jack Hyland

    Georgina-Rose Robinson

    Harry Rippon

    Ally Goldberg

    Ashley Laura



    Worthing, West Sussex